Monday, 5 March 2012

An Open Letter To Yb Lim Kit Siang


The future and prosperity of Malaysia is at stake under a tyranny BN-government and the rakyat is seeking to change it in the coming 13th general election.

However, we also kindly request you to announce your retirement in the coming election. Should you do that, it is a meritorious deed for you and it will help Pakatan Rakyat to pick up greater momentum and strength to change the government.

The rakyat will bow and salute your wise decision.

By Malaysian Non Party Organization (NPO) Representative K.S Chong
(012 – 676 9609)

According to our research on YB Lim Kit Siang, we have the following findings:

1.    You are one of the longest serving members of parliament.

2.    You have served as an opposition leader in the parliament for up to six terms i.e in 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1995.

3.    You have served as MP and State Assemblyman for 14 terms, i.e. 9 terms and 5 terms respectively.

4.    As a DAP leader wielding real power for 38 years, i.e. from 1972 to 2010.

5.    As an opposition leader in the parliament, you are the most obedient and cooperative with BN.

6.    The most talkative political leader.

7.    As an MP who most frequently changes his constituency in 4 states of Malacca, Selangor, Penang and Perak.

8.    Jump on the bandwagon of anti government sentiment to obtain and gain your political mileage. The downfall of Perak state government reflects the failure of your behind the scene manipulative strategy.

9.    A leader who fails to capture Penang state government.

10.  No hope of becoming a state exco or a minister.

11.  You have in fact succeeded in your dream, but as the Penang chief miniter’s father.

12.  You are the most reluctant leader to step down. As the rakyat is seeking to reform the political structure of Malaysia, enough is enough.

Past Malaysia General Election


The Rakyat is seeking to change the government

BN is unpopular and corrupted, and Malaysians are seeking to change the government. The embattled BN has given Pakatan Rakyat (PR) the golden opportunity to govern in several states despite the fact that PR leaders are not up to expectation and in many cases let the rakyat down.

However, the rakyat (people of Malaysia) is urging for reform and hopes PR will clean up and upgrade its organizational strength so as to be prepared to take over the federal government with capable MPs and MPs with integrity.

Suggested Strategy to be employed by non BN parties in the coming election

We strongly urge all non BN parties to be united and avoid fighting with each other for power. We suggest ideally PR parties to contest 90% of the seats, while the remaining 10% of the seats to be allocated for small parties, because like it or not, all anti-BN forces must unite and are needed to bring about political and economic changes in our beloved Malaysia.

In our opinion this is good line up and division of seats among the non-BN parties. In terms of seats distribution, PR will contest 200 seats out of 222 parliament seats, while small parties would contest 22 seats.

The same principle should apply to the state assembly 10% must be allocated to small parties.

To achieve our goal to capture Putrajaya, we should unite together and use our collective effort, and there should not be any monopoly or the big bullying the small as this is against the general public sentiment and opinion.

Our proposed distribution of parliament seats for non-BN Parties:

DAP:                           50 seats
PAS:                            70 seats
PKR:                           80 seats
Non PR parties            22 seats

The line up of PR cabinet members should not comprise of incompetent and lazy people, should the new government want to carry out reform. In this respect, old guards, dead wood and leaders craving for power and long serving MPs must all step down, and path the way for more capable, energetic and younger leaders with integrity.

Proposed federal cabinet and manifesto for the 13th General Election

1.    Cabinet ministers: not more than 20

Deputy ministers: not more than 20

Parliamentary secretary: not more than 10

It is hoped that the streamlined cabinet will effectively and efficiently perform its duty for the benefits of the people.

2.    We propose that rules and regulations are to be set that require senior MPs or State Assemblymen who have been serving for 8 terms or more to retire even though his or her performance may be good. It will be more convincing to the rakyat so as not follow the foot-steps of BN.

3.    REMEMBER: It is not wise to have too many ministers as it will lead to inefficiency, abuse of power and corruption.

Note: The cabinet line up of the 11th general election indicates that the number of ministers exceeded 30, while Deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries were total at 60. The cabinet size of the 12th general election is no difference from the previous cabinet.

The BN government has however realized that anti government sentiment of the rakyat will threaten and endanger its hold on the federal power especially among the Chinese, Indian, Kadazan and Iban communities. Measures or tactics have been employed to remedy the situation.

At the moment, Perkasa, with the pretext of fighting for Malays’ right, but in reality the intention is to squeeze some seats from UMNO inorder to prolong the few leaders’ political life span.

And the former prime minister Dr. Mahathir is fanning the flames that may add to the instability of BN.

From our observations, should Najib be hampered and defeated by UMNO internal disputes, Anuar Ibrahim will be the right man to become the next prime minister.

The former PM Dr. Mahathir will run away to other countriesif PR wins and succeeds in capturing Putrajaya.

We sincerely hope that all voters will give PR a change to govern Malaysia for the next 5 years.

By the Malaysian Non Party Organization (NPO) Representative
K.S Chong
(012 – 676 9609)

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